Conduct & Culture

Banking culture

Why do people do the wrong thing?
Why do they cover up mistakes?
Why do people around them turn a blind eye?
How do I make sure this doesn’t happen here?
How do I ensure this doesn’t keep on happening?

We provide insightful, compelling and practical advice, working in partnership with you, to create a constantly improving culture to help you provide a first-class service to your clients. We work with you in whichever way works best for you to develop, embed, reinforce and support your own training programmes.

Technology changes all the time.
Human nature hardly ever.


Just training employees on the rules is not enough.

Our first-hand practical perspective based on many years’ experience of dealing with rogues and those who behave badly has led us to develop and deliver inspirational, thought-provoking talks about:

  • The reasons why people do the wrong thing despite their training
  • Why people around them don’t speak up or do nothing to stop them
  • How people can be challenged to change their behaviour for the better


Training & Topics


Thank you very much for a fascinating presentation on the Adoboli case and what we can learn from it. It was a refreshingly direct and honest account of the kinds of activities that have embarrassed us all.