The Government’s Role

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Part Three This scandal was not an unfortunate consequence of stodgy processes, ill-informed incompetent executives and a blind faith in a flawed IT system. Post Office staff did not behave the way they did just for the hell of it. They did so because they believed this was what was wanted by the government, its… Read more »

A Deceitful Strategy

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Part Two Remember that interview question where you are asked to describe a weakness of yours and you have to find something to say which seems to answer while in reality complimenting yourself? That was the approach adopted by Paula Vennells in her evidence to the Williams Inquiry. Yes – all these bad things happened… Read more »

History does not repeat. It rhymes.

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This is the first of three articles reflecting on the evidence given by Paula Vennells and others in the Williams Inquiry. Part One Listening to Ms Vennells and other Post Office witnesses at the Williams Inquiry, I was reminded of the Report of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, published in June 2013. This was… Read more »